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Monday, August 29, 2005

This is my first entry and it is my first time writing something for all to read. I am a Realtor with Prudential CT Realty, formerly of the Beazley Company. I have been helping first-time homeowners, and experienced buyers and sellers. I continually look for distressed properties which may or may not be bank-owned. I find many ares of Real Estate rewarding. I do enjoy the satisfaction of representing a first-time buyer. The excitement in their eyes when they find that right house is amazing, and the feeling that I put them there is great! Now being on the listing side is just as satisfying as when a homeowner gets the price they wanted and it was all because of something I did! I find representing investors looking for those distressed properties fun. Why you may ask? I love finding a house that is perfect for my buyer to turn around and make a profit. It shows how well you researched it and rewards the hard work! Well that is all for today.
Seth Winkleman